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The great IT migration

The historical gender gap that has pervaded the IT and technology industry is now hindering the success of organisations. In this special report of Information Age, we focus on the important subject of gender diversity in tech and how businesses must change mindsets... read more

Information Age: Countdown to GDPR

In this special Information Age report, we look at how the UK is policing cybercrime and what London needs to do to become the first ‘cyber security city’. Meanwhile, how about turning those pesky hackers into an asset? We delve into why young hackers commit... read more

Information Age magazine: April 2017 issue

In this issue, we delve into the future of the workplace, examining exactly what is required to build a workplace for the next generation of talent and how the humble office will transform in the years ahead. In a live use case, we profile chocolate manufacturer Barry... read more

Information Age magazine: March 2017

The cover star of Information Age’s March issue is Anne Marie Neatham, COO of the technology division at Ocado, which continues to make waves in the online retail space. As Ocado prepares to add more robots to its innovation arsenal in the world’s largest... read more

Information Age magazine: February 2017

In a special issue of Information Age, we reveal the winners of the Women in IT Awards 2017, the largest tech diversity event ever staged. And in an exclusive interview, Shell Retail CIO Maggie van’T Hoff delves into the transformative mobile strategy that scored her... read more

Information Age Magazine January 2017

The business of diversity We’re now several years into Information Age’s campaign to achieve diversity in the technology sector, and we dedicate this issue entirely to the subject. Having a diverse technology workforce is imperative – and it might not be for the... read more

Information Age Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

The cover of this month’s issue of Information Age is Disruption awaits: The enterprise technologies and trends that will drive disruption, transform businesses and define innovation in 2017. Gas and energy infrastructure distributor SGN is transforming its business... read more

Information Age magazine: October 2016

The cover star of this month’s issue of Information Age is Rolls-Royce CIO John Gibbs. Rolls-Royce is one of the world’s largest makers of aircraft engines, and has led the industry for the best part of a century. But the company’s vision for world-class engineering... read more

Information Age Magazine September 2016

Digital continues to be a significant theme for Information Age – and, indeed, businesses of all shapes and sizes – as we explore it from numerous different angles in this issue. There is, perhaps, no more visible example of digital’s transformational powers than the... read more