Security and scalability

Jan 9, 2017 | SAS and Intel

Scalability is one of the key requirements for an IIoT solution. Data and computing requirements tend to expand over time, so manufacturers should look for an analytics architecture that can scale and can distribute the analytics load between the edge and the cloud.

But setting up distributed analytics utilising edge and cloud resources often presents one of the biggest hurdles for new IIoT efforts. For this reason, it’s important to evaluate analytics technologies as much for their ease of deployment and ability to minimise project risk as for the sophistication of their insight tools.

Security and manageability are also essential to all connected systems. Many industrial control systems have historically been perceived as secure because they were separate from IT networks and the internet – a division often referred to as an ‘air gap’. Businesses need to recognize this as the myth it is and assume that all industrial systems are vulnerable to attack.

The key is to be proactive in protecting all systems by implementing enterprise-class security across all the data gathering, communications, and analytics components. At the same time, to avoid costly manual maintenance, IIoT implementations must provide a centralized environment to manage all IIoT devices.

Intel and SAS have taken all these requirements in mind and worked together to provide the highest levels of security and scalability, starting with the gateway and extending into the cloud. The resulting solution – SAS Analytics for IoT – combines SAS’s analytics expertise with Intel’s leadership in information architecture to create solutions that cover the full spectrum of IIoT requirements and turn raw data into valuable insights.

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