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NAS vs. Object: which is best for your data center

Can Legacy NAS keep pace? When it comes to managing unstructured data, the data center has problems. The legacy network attached storage (NAS) systems that it uses to store this data are no longer keeping pace with the demands of the modern data center. As a result,... read more

5-Step Guide For GDPR Compliance

At its core, the GDPR is about the rules companies must follow to ensure they are protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in good faith. If a business breaches that faith, then they have to pay stiff fines and penalties. This is especially worrisome in an... read more

Why a Network-based Security Solution is Better

Network-based security offers enhanced protection against the growing number of unknown threats that are hard to block when using customer premises equipment (CPE) point solutions. Such solutions have the added disadvantage of being labor-intensive to manage, thus... read more