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Helping your utility company to thrive under pressure

More competition. More customer power. More regulation. The pressure on utilities keeps on growing. This ebook explores three of the biggest drivers of change in utilities, showing how companies can make the most of new technology and digital processes to succeed in... read more

The Power of Graph-Based Search

Made famous by Facebook and Google, ‘graph-based search’ is providing major business bene ts for a growing number of Neo4j’s corporate customers. Graph-based search, powered by systems like Neo4j, is able to deliver relevant information that you may not have... read more

Six Core Data Wrangling Activities

An introductory guide to data wrangling with Trifacta to combine disparate data. Trifacta is the global leader in data wrangling. Trifacta leverages decades of innovative research in human-computer interaction, scalable data management, and machine learning to make... read more

Addressing key challenges in financial services with Neo4j

In today’s regulatory environment, financial services firms are beginning to experience the impact of graph databases across a number of functions ranging from fighting financial crimes, preventing and responding to cyber threats and ensuring compliance. Meanwhile, as... read more

Why the future of the cloud is open

Choosing how to build a hybrid cloud is perhaps the most strategic decision IT leaders will make this decade. It is a choice that will determine their organization’s competitiveness, flexibility, and IT economics for the next 10 years. Public clouds have set the... read more

How to Build a Security Operations Center (on a Budget)

Get All 5 Chapters of AlienVault’s How to Build a Security Operations Center (On a Budget) in 1 eBook! You’ll get an in-depth look at how organizations with limited resources can set up a successful operations center for monitoring, detecting, containing, and... read more

2017 Annual Threat Report

As cybersecurity enters a new era of automated breach prevention, not just breach detection, security companies may begin to achieve even greater victories in the cyber arms race. But it’s ultimately up to the businesses at the center of the fight to ensure they’re... read more

EU Data Protection

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