Adobe Creative Cloud: Building a creative process for the modern world

Jan 22, 2018 | Innovation

If reimagining the world feels too grandiose, it’s okay to start smaller – even within your own business. The truth is that companies that welcome creativity, change, and innovation are inevitably more successful.

In fact, 82 percent of companies believe a strong connection between creativity and desired business results exists in the market today. And they’re right. Because companies that foster creativity enjoy greater market share by a factor of 1.5 when compared to their less creative counterparts.

One way they’re using creativity to change and to improve their business is by focusing on design to deliver better customer experiences. By putting design at the heart of their organisation, businesses can better understand the ways customers interact with their brand. And they capitalise on that by creating appealing content and intuitive user experiences.

Keeping up with, or better yet, leading these companies might require some changes on your part. It starts with shifting your focus to design. When that happens, your team will be better equipped to create captivating experiences. This leads to customer loyalty and ultimately gives you a competitive advantage.

Adobe Creative Cloud provides the world’s best apps and services that enable creatives to collaborate seamlessly across desktop and mobile, delivering amazing digital experiences.

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