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Helping your utility company to thrive under pressure

More competition. More customer power. More regulation. The pressure on utilities keeps on growing. This ebook explores three of the biggest drivers of change in utilities, showing how companies can make the most of new technology and digital processes to succeed in...

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The great IT migration

The historical gender gap that has pervaded the IT and technology industry is now hindering the success of organisations. In this special report of Information Age, we focus on the important subject of gender diversity in tech and how businesses must change mindsets...

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Gartner research market guide for data preparation

    Data preparation – the most time-consuming task in analytics and BI – is evolving from a self-service activity to an enterprise imperative. This Gartner Research report profiles data preparation solutions for data and analytics leaders to consider to accelerate...

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The Power of Graph-Based Search

Made famous by Facebook and Google, ‘graph-based search’ is providing major business bene ts for a growing number of Neo4j’s corporate customers. Graph-based search, powered by systems like Neo4j, is able to deliver relevant information that you may not have...

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Six Core Data Wrangling Activities

An introductory guide to data wrangling with Trifacta to combine disparate data. Trifacta is the global leader in data wrangling. Trifacta leverages decades of innovative research in human-computer interaction, scalable data management, and machine learning to make...

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The top 5 use cases of graph databases

Big data” grows bigger every year, but today’s enterprise leaders don’t only need to manage larger volumes of data, but they critically need to generate insight from their existing data. So how should CIOs and CTOs generate those insights? To paraphrase Seth Godin,...

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Why the future of the cloud is open

Choosing how to build a hybrid cloud is perhaps the most strategic decision IT leaders will make this decade. It is a choice that will determine their organization’s competitiveness, flexibility, and IT economics for the next 10 years. Public clouds have set the...

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7 Steps to Grow Profits in Industrial Automation

Create new revenue streams with software monetisation processes. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the way goods are planned, produced, sold and used. Manufacturers are moving from traditional hardware-centric business models to new digital business...

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Leading Through Digital Disruption

Gartner Insights on spotting and responding to digital disruption. Digital disruption can be an intimidating term, and, perhaps more challenging, it is often a topic CIOs and senior IT leaders know they should be thinking about, but aren’t sure where to start. The...

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New age service desk for the digital enterprise

According to a Gartner research, by 2018, 50% of team collaboration and communication will occur through mobile group collaboration apps. Organisations will need unified, observational, social and people analytics to discover, design and share better work practices....

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A Guide To Beating Ransomware and Staying Available

One of the most critical threats to keeping your organisation always-on is the current state of ransomware in enterprise IT. Following the recent NHS hacks, ransomware has been elevated to an issue of national importance. The hostage-style malware attack is a growing...

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