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Shining the Light on Shadow IT

I know of a business manager who was allowed to purchase laptop computers for his team as long as they were not Apple® products because this would create lots of integration issues with current business systems and services.

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Safeguarding the internet

Related Content The Sad State of Cybersecurity Why a Network-based Security Solution is Better than Using Point Solutions Architectures Today, none of us are immune to the impact of botnets on Internet-connected organisations. There is ample validation that monitoring...

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The Sad State of Cybersecurity

Related content Safeguarding the internet Why a Network-based Security Solution is Better than Using Point Solutions Architectures Each year, IT faces an increase in targeted cyberattacks, more sophisticated and prepared attackers, a significant increase in DDoS...

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Information Age Magazine January 2017

The business of diversity We’re now several years into Information Age’s campaign to achieve diversity in the technology sector, and we dedicate this issue entirely to the subject. Having a diverse technology workforce is imperative – and it might not be for the...

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Capture the value of industrial data

The very connectedness of the IIoT elevates security considerations for all involved. Well-designed security solutions can provide end-to-end protection across a manufacturer’s entire IoT platform, creating a chain of trust from thing to network to cloud.

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Security and scalability

Scalability is one of the key requirements for an IIoT solution. Data and computing requirements tend to expand over time, so manufacturers should look for an analytics architecture that can scale and can distribute the analytics load between the edge and the cloud.

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Return on investment

Like every business investment, return on investment (ROI) must be considered at all times when deploying a smart factory. The ability to prove ROI comes through intelligently connecting old machines and accessing trapped data – then utilising it with edge analytics and making the machines work autonomously.

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Information Age Magazine Nov/Dec 2016

The cover of this month’s issue of Information Age is Disruption awaits: The enterprise technologies and trends that will drive disruption, transform businesses and define innovation in 2017. Gas and energy infrastructure distributor SGN is transforming its business...

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What you need to know about ransomware

With cybercriminals making millions – if not billions – of dollars from ransom demands, ransomware is unanimously identified as one of the biggest threats businesses face today. Ironically, the main estimated cost is not the ransom amount but the business downtime it...

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SecOps Solutions

We know significant threats from hackers are a 24x7x365 reality. We know the consequences of vulnerabilities left unremediated. It is critical to move from a defensive approach to security to a well coordinated offensive plan for secure operations. Poor or absent IT...

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Why Move Backup and Disaster Recovery To The Cloud

Traditionally, businesses have cobbled together multiple software solutions to address disaster recovery (DR), backup and archival as part of a larger data protection practice. Today, the public cloud’s reliability, security, and scalability offers the...

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